To enable our work in Foundation Stage Education, we have partnered with several small grass roots charities around Rishikesh, India and these are:

1. Matra Anchal
The orphanage for destitute and abandoned girls. (85 but projected to rise to 200).
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2. Divya Prem Sewa Mission Residential School
A home to 185 boys + 11 girls of people afflicted with leprosy. (Projected to rise to 250 with 40-50 girls in a new girls hostel being planned now).
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See the article by Antonia Heath in The Homertonian, Number 13, May 2009.
3. Nirmal Ashram’s NGA – a free school for children of very poor parents.
Currently with 331 boys and 331 girls; this is set to rise to 750 from 1/4 and the
school final intake projected in a few years is 1,500 (at least 50% girls).
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4. Mother Miracle - free education for poor but bright children of slum residents.
Mother Miracle Primary school with 120 children set to rise to approx 150 in April.
Current total number is 580 (including children in their after school program,
computer institute, etc.
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5. Ramana’s Garden – free stay and education of destitute / poor children.
There are 75 children in their hostel and almost 200 children attend Primary school.
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6. Khushi Project based in a Government school in slum area of Rishikesh.
They have almost 150 children attending their after school programs and support
another 150 children now in various schools, all children from very poor households.
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